Hybrid Congress

Conferences Canceled. Now What?

2020 will stand out as a year with no major international conferences and visitors. Many companies are prohibiting workers from travelling. Nevertheless, the need to transfer knowledge and discover new products and services remains. Many conferences will, therefore, transform into online variations. The company, CTL solutions, has developed an entirely novel approach to conferences. We are proud to introduce the LiveConnect Hybrid Congress. The best of both worlds. Suitable for 1-50,000 participants, it has a 2-way image and sound connection, with a maximum of a half-second delay, secured with 2FA (2 Factor Authentication). You don’t need to install new software and it can be integrated into your own website.

Streaming delay

Now that we are submerging ourselves into the online world on a massive scale, we are experiencing restrictions. As a consequence, every Internet connection results in latency. With streaming, it’s 10 to 45 seconds. YouTube, Netflix, and Ziggo, for example, all stream their content. It’s, therefore, possible that streaming in your home lags a few seconds behind that of your neighbors’ watching the same football match. Streaming is one-way traffic.  Skype, Teams, and Zoom have less of a delay and they work via a 2-way connection. These platforms are specifically designed for online meetings, but not for large conferences with between 500-50,000 participants. That’s why CTL solutions developed LiveConnect Hybrid Congress, combining the best of both worlds.

No software installation required

One of the restrictions of working digitally is the need to install software. For all platforms such as WebEx, Zoom, or Teams, it is necessary to install the software prior to initial use. However, many large companies, organizations, and hospitals do not allow the installation of new software on company or organization laptops. LiveConnect Hybrid Congress does not require the installation of new software. Up to 50,000 participants can take part simultaneously, via a standard webbrowser.

Security guaranteed

Let’s not even talk about the security of online meetings. Many applications have few security options within the free software versions. Traffic runs through servers in America, or China, and you have no control over who has access to your information. A 2-way authentication protocol is essential for your security. However, it’s not available in the free versions of many software programs. It’s also possible to share a link or password with anyone, and it’s quick to do. This makes it unsuitable for sharing sensitive information such as patient-related content. CTL Solutions developed LiveConnect Hybrid Congress. It has no options to share links or passwords, and it’s secured with 2-way authentication.

Up to 50,000 participants, via your own website

Further reasons why you shouldn’t use the free versions of Zoom, WebEx, or Teams, for your online conference: These applications are specially developed for small-scale meetings, or for meetings of 1 participant, up to a maximum of 500 participants. These platforms allow you to share your webcam and/or screen efficiently. However, watching an operation, or following a panel discussion, for example, is not an option. Logging in to these platforms is always done via the vendor’s environment; for example, the Zoom or Microsoft platform. LiveConnect Hybrid Congress, by CTL Solutions, allows conference visitors to log in to their own corporate websites, using their own email addresses. Moreover, it offers all the options offered by a traditional conference, such as panel discussions, plenary sessions, live polls and break-out presentations.

Interactive and green program

Just streaming a congress is not a serious online presentation. Streaming is a one-way street, and viewers are not interested in simply watching a screen for an entire day. LiveConnect Hybrid Congress, a 2-way connection with a negligible delay . This makes it possible to interact actively and directly. The participant composes his/her own program: after the plenary component, s/he can choose which break-out sessions s/he wants to participate in. LiveConnect Hybrid Congress is suitable for 1 to 50,000 concurrent participants worldwide. And booking a flight, or hotel room, is not required!