Fixed setup at your location

The Liveconnect hardware system is permanently installed at your location.
This enables live observation of (medical) procedures internally at your location,
either in a meeting room or externally anywhere in the world.
Operation is carried out by your own staff, eliminating the need for reliance on an external party.
Easily contributing live to major international conferences or workshops is now within reach.


In the treatment rooms, a small 19-inch wall rack is installed.
This contains the components to collect video signals from the available medical sources.
Additionally, a remotely controllable PTZ camera is installed to capture the doctor on screen.
Wireless microphones ensure perfect audibility for viewers.
A control monitor displays the signal being sent to viewers at that moment.

In a meeting room or separate control room,
a rack is also installed containing the equipment to combine
the various images into one and control the audio.
Operation is done with a small touch panel.
This allows switching between multiple rooms and controlling the camera or audio.
The interface is intuitive so that anyone can operate the set without a manual or course.
Because there is a two-way video and audio connection,
viewers can directly ask questions to the doctor in the treatment room or operating theater

Exchange of knowledge is essential in the medical world. New techniques and methods are frequently the subjects of conferences and live demonstrations. Using the latest communications technology you are able to instruct and inform even more effectively.
MedicConnect provides all the necessary technical equipment for transmitting sound and image.
You want to demonstrate your newest technique to your students or colleagues—we make it happen.