2020 will stand out as a year with no major international conferences and visitors.
Many companies are prohibiting workers from travelling.
Nevertheless, the need to transfer knowledge and discover new products and services remains.
Many conferences will, therefore, transform into online variations.
The company, CTL solutions, has developed an entirely novel approach to conferences.
We are proud to introduce the LiveConnect Hybrid Congress. The best of both worlds. Suitable for 1-50,000 participants,
it has a 2-way image and sound connection, with a maximum of a half-second delay, secured with 2FA (2 Factor Authentication).
You don’t need to install new software and it can be integrated into your own website.

Liveconnect is a point to point solution to create a duplex HD video connection through the internet. You can receive broadcast video and audio with very little delay (low latency) with the Liveconnect server. Use a standard web browser on a laptop or a mobile phone and return audio and video simultaneously.



  • Medical live demos.
  • Live contributions from reporters for broadcasters.
  • Connecting of 2 locations
  • Universities or schools
  • Sharing of video material through a secure connection.
Duplex connection

Broadcast 2-way connection back and forth video and audio


Broadcast quality full HD with a bitrate up to 30 Mb/sec


The video stream is sent encrypted.


The connection can be made from the Chrome browser from any laptop or iPhone app


Send an email or text message and connect through the link without additional app or software download


Connections worldwide available, firewall bypass and fallback.

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Live within 20 seconds

The server features a HD SDI input and output.  Connect live with everyone around the world.

No need to download apps. Sending an invitation for the connection through text message or email will do.
The delay, or latency, is extremely low (75-350 ms). The unique setup makes it possible to bypass the firewall, if this does not work, there is an automatic fallback connection.
The video stream is protected by encryption and therefore ideal for reporters to make contributions to broadcasters.  To send live demos in a safe way from hospitals to every location anywhere in the world and to ask realtime questions.


All-in solution

For 1 fixed price per year live unlimited connections with everyone worldwide.

For 1 fixed all in price per year, we place a server in your studio, hospital or in another room.  The server features a HD SDI input and output. From our portal you send invitations through email or text message to your guests. The recipient of the email or text message clicks on the link and is ready to be connected to the server. Audio and video in broadcast quality with very low delay (latency). On request you can also rent the equipment per event or project.